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Randolph College graduates have a strong liberal arts foundation to prepare them for whatever life has to offer. Randolph College graduates A LIBERAL ARTS FOUNDATION think critically. work well with people who are not like them. communicate effectively. solve problems. have all the attributes that employers want.


Randolph College is committed to excellence in the liberal arts and sciences.

的 College’s academic 程序 helps students build a solid foundation for their lives through broad exposure to the ideas and methods of many fields of study, as well as the depth of focus in their chosen majors.

liberal arts foster the critical thinking and creativity necessary to address the problems faced by individuals, industries and nations in the modern world.

Randolph undergraduates pursue Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Science, and Bachelor of Fine Arts degrees and choose from 29 majors and 44 minors, as well as a self-designed major 程序. 的 College also offers four graduate degree 程序s: Master of Arts in Teaching for those pursuing careers in education, a Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing, Master of Fine Arts in 的atre 和一个 Master of Coaching and Sport Leadership.

Randolph students graduate with more than a degree. 的y leave our campus with the knowledge, skills, and experiences that prepare them to be successful. 的y enter the workforce and graduate school in a wide variety of fields from business to politics and from arts to education.

Wherever they go, they are prepared to make a difference.

Individual Focus

Randolph College offers small classes taught by accessible, excellent professors. Students also work closely with their faculty advisors to chart a course toward their academic and professional goals.

的 learning environment is guided by an Honor Code based on mutual respect and responsibility for the students themselves and for their peers, helping to strengthen students’ moral, 道德, and social responsibility.

Bridges, Not Walls

A Randolph education exposes students to ideas and cultures from around the world. Study abroad is an important part of this exposure.

的 College is affiliated with several study abroad 程序s. Students also can take advantage of 的 American Culture Program—which is like study abroad, at home.

Writing Intensive Curriculum

Because strong writing skills are necessary for success both in college 和一个fter graduation, Randolph values and evaluates writing beyond the general education level. Faculty assess the writing competence of all students in every course each semester, 和一个ll disciplines emphasize quality writing.

Each year, exemplary student writing in a variety of disciplines is published in 的杰克, the journal of academic writing.

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